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We're all inspiring people to be happier and healthier through accessible approach to yoga.

  • Many Styles.Multiple Styles of Yoga, Breathing techniques and Mediatation that suit everyone.
  • Pro Instructors.
    Professional and internationally qualified Yoga teachers in Sheffield and surrounding areas.
  • Quality Content.All Our Classes are well planned by Professional Yoga Instructors with your needs in mind.

Benefits of Yoga

A few of the benefits of practicing yoga with us.

Improve Health

Practicing yoga lowers your blood pressure, improves respiration and many other benefits to your health.

Balance Your Mind

Through meditation and moving with your breath, yoga can help balance your mind - no matter how you begin.

Increase mobility

By strengthening your joints and stretching your muscles, yoga can increase your mobility.

Sleep Better

After stretching out your muscles, relaxing your body and clearing your mind, yoga can help you sleep better.

Increase strength

Regular yoga can help build up your strength nad endurance.

Improve concentration

Practicing moving in line with your breath and flowing through postures helps to improve your focus.


Our Team Members

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What we do

               In-person and online yoga classes

Here at Yoga with Daniella, we offer multiple yoga sessions both in-person and online. Daniella teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Nidra and Chair yoga classes that are suited for all levels of ability. For more information on the different styles of yoga offered, read more on our classes page and to see the days/times these are available, or find out how to book on, check out our schedule page.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to complete our enquiry form or drop an email to info@yogawithdaniella.co.uk.

                               Puppy yoga

Daniella also teaches for Puppy Yoga and helps to facilitate sessions for both the Sheffield, Leeds and Nottingham branches.

These classes are suitable for all abilities (including those who want to lay in savasana with puppies for the full session!).

To catch Daniella at Puppy Yoga, keep an eye on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

               Events, Workshops and Retreats

Yoga with Daniella host regular events, workshops and retreats – currently across the UK but with hope to expand these to abroad in the near future!

To read more about our upcoming retreats, events or workshops and what to expect there, check out our Events page.

Daniella is also available to teach sessions or co-host yoga events, workshops and/or retreats – email info@yogawithdaniella.co.uk to enquire further.

                  Care home/Hospital sessions

Daniella has a background in working with mental and physical health difficulties and has brought this experience along with yoga to teach regular sessions in care home, supported living and hospital sessions.

Daniella currently teaches weekly sessions in a learning disability home, adults psychiatric hospital and on CAMHS wards. 

If you are interested in weekly, fortnightly or even one-off sessions in your care home/ hospital or other clinical setting, please contact Daniella via email at info@yogawithdaniella.co.uk

                              1:1 Sessions

Do you want to take your yoga deeper or more personal? Daniella hosts both in-person, online and pre-recorded 1:1 sessions.

You will start with an initial consultation to discuss what you want from your sessions and arrange either your first session or how you want to receive your pre-recorded sessions and at which length this will work best for you. These sessions can be for any type of yoga that Daniella teaches and can include a mix-and-match approach.

Email at info@yogawithdaniella.co.uk to discuss how 1:1 sessions could benefit you and work around your lifestyle. 

                  Work wellbeing sessions/days 

Daniella can be booked for one-off or regular work well-being sessions or days. This can take place in an office setting as chair yoga at desks, morning meditations, or in a more open space as a full yoga practice for whatever length that suits your session. 

Daniella has complete work well-being sessions for schools, NHS services and private businesses. This can be adapted to theme around what you want for the day, suit all abilities including those with disabilities and in whatever space you have.

To discuss this further or ask any questions, please email info@yogawithdaniella.co.uk.


I have gone from never having done yoga before to looking forward to my Thursday evening brain detox and deep stretch. I appreciate the time and space I am encouraged to give myself, during yin yoga class, to care for my mind and body. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

Member Image
Maria JB

I approached Daniella due to struggling with back pain. She recommended 1:1 yoga sessions as I don't feel comfortable in class settings. I had never done yoga before, but after my 1 to 1 sessions with Daniella, I can honestly say she's changed my perspective on yoga forever. Her knowledge, care and patience helped me through the tougher poses, and now, i practice yoga on a regular basis. I've never felt better! Thank you Daniella, I look forward to more!

Member Image
Joshua W

It was fabulous! Ideal for anyone with (or without) mobility issues. A relaxed session, where everyone can work at their own pace, within their own limits and still feel like they've done some meaningful exercise. Felt great afterwards. Looking forward to the next session.

Member Image
Chair Yogi

I had a great day. I was surprised at how the group developed over the day and it became a safe place for a group of strangers to talk and support each other. I loved all the activities and the time I took to care for me. I did ache afterwards so I clearly needed a good stretch and yoga workout. I would definitely recommend treating yourself to this.

Member Image
Retreat Yogi

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