Class types

All classes are suited for every body and ability. Read about which class type would suit you best below.

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Vinyasa yoga

A flow of specific poses adapted through stretch, flexibility, strength and toning to meet everyone's needs and abilities. How can you Benefit from Vinyasa Yoga? By practising Vinyasa yoga, you will build strength, flexibility and increase your range of motion. Whilst aligning your breath to…

Yin Yoga

A slower paced, more relaxed practice of yoga that focuses on strengthening connective tissue, increasing mobility, lengthening fascia and improving joints. You can expect to move into a supported yin posture and find stillness, holding each for 3-5 minutes to allow for the muscles to…

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation that brings you into a state of equilibrium between wakefulness and sleep – also known as yogic sleep. Yoga Nidra takes you into an alpha state, which is the brain wave frequency that links conscious thought with…

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VinYin Yoga

A combined practice of Vinyasa and Yin yoga to enjoy the benefits of moving and building strength as well as long supported stretches. This form of yoga reaches both parts of the body worked by each practice. You can expect to do half an hour…

Yoga Platforms

What platform suits you best?

You can join Yoga with Daniella classes no matter where you are or how you prefer to join. Check out a few of our options below.



Check our Schedule page to see where you can find our in-person classes.



We host weekly classes online so you can practice at home.



We host several yoga events you can join by looking through our events page.


1:1 sessions

Yoga with Daniella are happy to facilitate 1:1 sessions – enquire now via email or our contact form. 

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With Daniella JacksonVinYin Online Yoga Coming Soon

VinYin combines a vinyasa practice with Yin yoga so you can move your body and build your strength before taking your stretches deeper through yin poses.

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New classes coming to Yoga with Daniella

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