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VinYin Yoga

A combined practice of Vinyasa and Yin yoga to enjoy the benefits of moving and building strength as well as long supported stretches. This form of yoga reaches both parts of the body worked by each practice. You can expect to do half an hour of Vinyasa yoga followed by 30 minutes of Yin yoga and meditation.

How can you Benefit from VinYin Yoga?

By practising VinYin yoga, you will reap the benefits of both building strength, flexibility and range of motion through Vinyasa as well as taking deeper stretches, improving joints and mobility as well as strengthening connective tissue. Whilst aligning your breath to your movements through the Vinyasa element, you will improve your focus and bring yourself into the present moment before being guided through meditation in Yin yoga to clear your mind through the last half of this practice.

Improve your body & soul

Build muscular and connective tissue strength

Take deeper stretches and compressions

Improve your mobility and range of motion

Clear your mind and improve your focus

Lower your blood pressure and improve your respiration


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