Do I need to book in advance?

This varies from class to class depending on it’s location and how they work. Check out the details on each class and how to book via the schedule page.

VR Leisure classes -Book via

Kula classes – Book via

Personal Growth – Book via

Mosborough classes (Joseph Stone Community Centre) – just turn up, both cash and card accepted. Email if uncertain.

To book hospital, care home, workplace sessions, email to arrange.

How much yoga experience do I need to attend a class?

None at all! All of our classes are taught with the intention of meeting the abilities of those in the room, with multiple options being given at every stage so as a beginner you can stop at your initial limit, but as a more advanced practitioner, you can enjoy the class to your own level. We aim to teach every class inclusive of every body and ability. If you are concerned, speak to your teacher at the start of the class or drop us an email at

What time should I arrive to class for?

We recommend arriving to class around 10 minutes before the start time to give you chance to set up your mat and sort your personal belongings without disrupting the start time of the class.

What should I wear?

Anything comfortable that allows for movement – we recommend wearing leggings, jogging bottoms, or shorts in the warmer months along with a more fitted top so this does not fall when taking postures that may make your top fall up where it is not wanted during a class!

What should I bring?

Bring along your own yoga mat, any equipment you find helpful to your practice (blocks, bolsters, blankets) and a bottle of water.

What if I don’t have a yoga mat?

We always have a couple of spare yoga mats to hand to share on a first come first serve basis so you don’t have to worry about investing in a mat for your very first class, but if you enjoyed class with us, we would recommend buying your own for future classes so you don’t risk having to go without.
Some of the locations we teach at do have more yoga mats available – if you are unsure, email us at

Should I eat beforehand?

We recommend not eating anything for at least an hour before. In yoga, it is better to leave it up to 2 hours before without eating as a lot of postures may hold your stomach in a position that is raised above your head, or may stimulate digestion during class, which can cause discomfort and the release of tension in the stomach (if you get our drift).

What is the difference between the types of yoga taught by the Yoga with Daniella team?

You can read details of each type of yoga we teach under the ‘Classes’ tab on our website. If you are still left unsure and want guidance around which class may be best suited for you, drop us an email at and we’d be happy to help!

What is included on a yoga retreat?

Each yoga retreat is designed bespoke to the location and intention of the retreat. All the details of these are included in the individual retreat post on our ‘events’ page. We aim to give you the best value for money for our retreats to keep these accessible for more people to enjoy. If you have any further questions, drop us an email at