Please read our Yoga risk assessment below, which applies to allow of our yoga classes, events and retreats.

RiskWho is at riskWhat is already in place to reduce this risk?Likelihood of riskRisk ManagementEvaluation notes
Accidents and injury whilst engaging in yoga exercises.Participants TeachersMedical questionnaires to be completed by all participants prior to attendance. Class plans with sufficient warm ups before stronger postures. Variations of postures offered to reduce risk of strain.HighContinue with current risk management strategies. Check with participants before every practice in case there are new health conditions or injuries to be wary of.Yoga teacher to be responsible before every event.
Slips, trips or falls by flooring, foreign objects or yoga props (mats, blocks, blankets, eye pillow).Participants Teachers StaffVenue cleans the floor. Venue remains maintenance of flooring.MediumCheck the floors before the start of the day and brush any debris away.Yoga teacher to be responsible before every event.
Injury by electricityParticipants Teachers StaffVenue remains maintenance of electrics – ensure their pat tests are all up to date. Check electrical equipment being brought into the venue and ensure pat tests remain up to date.LowCarry out a visual inspection to ensure all light switches, and sockets are well fixed with no signs of wear and tear or exposed live parts. Check any appliances used have current pat test labels. Keep electrical items (speakers, laptops, chargers) in a safe place away from liquids and from emergency exits or participants.Yoga lead/teacher to be responsible for visual checks before every event. Each person to be responsible for the electrical equipment they bring in.
Injury by falling objectParticipants Teachers StaffYoga lead to visit the venue prior to the day of the event to check the room and discuss any items/furnitures to be moved prior to the event and check for any risks of falling objects.LowCarry out a visual inspection to ensure the venue/room is in a good state of repair with no loose objects. Ensure any chairs, furniture etc is safely stacked and out of the way.Yoga lead/teacher to be responsible for visual checks before every event.
Venue hygieneParticipants Teachers StaffYoga lead to wipe and clean all equipment being brought in (yoga blocks, blankets and eye pillows). Yoga lead to liaise with the event manager/owner of the venue around their risk assessment and request this prior to the date.MediumCheck the venue risk assessment is in place and ensure all control measures which are the responsibility of the venue are being carried out. Yoga lead/teacher to sanitise door handles, light switches and chairs.Yoga lead/teacher to be responsible for visual checks before every event.
FireParticipants Teachers StaffVenue remains maintenance of fire alarms and fire exits. Yoga lead liaises with venue around where to locate fire exits prior to event. Venue is responsible for fire safety prevention for their equipments and environment.MediumCheck if a fire alarm system is present and working. Identify the position of call points and sirens. In the event of a fire, evacuate all students and other occupants to the assembly point and dial 999. Do not attempt to fight the fire unless you have training. Do not stop to pick up belongings. Ensure a good phone signal is available.Yoga lead to be responsible for liaising with the venue about fire safety. Yoga lead/ teacher to inform participants of fire exits and procedures.
Evacuation in case of an emergencyParticipants Teachers StaffYoga lead liaises with venue around where to locate emergency exits in the case of an evacuation. Venue to lead on evacuation protocol.LowCheck if an emergency lighting system is in pace and if it works. If not, ensure torches are available to usher students safely from the building. Ensure emergency exit doors are functional and not locked. Explain evacuation procedures and assembly points to students.Yoga lead/ teacher to be aware of evacuation procedures. Yoga lead/teacher to ensure emergency exits are clear prior to the class/event/ retreat commencing.
Access to emergency servicesParticipants Teachers StaffVenue to advise emergency services where they can access the building.LowEnsure access to the venue is possible by emergency services.In case of emergency, ensure a clear pathway is made into the room to individuals who may need this.
COVID-19Participants Teachers StaffVenue are responsible for cleanliness of the environment prior to event/retreat/class starting and after the event/retreat/class has finished.HighHave hand sanitiser available upon arrival and exit. Participants to use their own mats. Equipment to be cleaned before and after use and not to be shared within the day/practices. Encourage regular hand washing/sanitisation. Yoga mats to be placed with sufficient space between each other including yoga teacher. Where possible, ensure good ventilation to the room/venue. Reduce hands-on adjustments where possible and completely from more vulnerable students or students who would prefer no contact. Ensure sufficient space for eating and other activities where participants will be sat in closer proximity.Yoga lead/teacher to be responsible before and during every event.